mardi 20 janvier 2015

Hope, Knowledge, and Blindspots (J. Dodd)

Conférence | Talk

(Carleton University)

Hope, Knowledge, and Blindspots

I use Roy Sorensen’s work on epistemic blindspots and Luc Bovens’s study of hope to show: (i) that is easy for epistemic-spesic blindspots to occur, (ii) that this often makes it easy for agents to lose access to the epistemic value of any particular hope, and (iii) that together (i) and (ii) reveal an unnoticed way both in which agents may do epistemic harm by gaining knowledge or instilling it in others and in which agents may engage in either epistemically reckless or epistemically weak-willed acts.

Friday, January 23rd, 2014

Carleton University
River Building

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