jeudi 8 novembre 2018

Cinéma critique | Critical Cinema : Blow-Up

Série Cinéma critique Series

Engager la philosophie avec le film
Engage philosophy through film

Un événement de l'Association des étudiant(e)s diplômé(e)s en philosophie de l'Université d'Ottawa
An event of the Graduate Philosophy Student Association of the University of Ottawa


Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966

Presented by Patrice Philie (University of Ottawa)

Antonioni's London masterpiece, Blow-Up tells the story of a day in the life of a fashion photographer during the Swinging Sixties. Constructed around a thriller / mystery structure, the film raises and actively examines a whole range of philosophical issues. Famously, photography allows it to discuss themes such as knowledge and proof. But there is much more. The film investigates the nature of a whole generation, it draws our attention to, and comments on, the culture of spectacle and celebrity, it offers a sharp critique of the world of fashion and, through it but not exclusively, of the male gaze, of superficiality, of the impermanence of values. It's also about what it means to exist in such a world - our world today, in many respects.

Patrice Philie is Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Ottawa.

University of Ottawa
 Desmarais Hall (55 Laurier East)

Room 8161

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