mardi 20 novembre 2018

Heidegger, Morality and Politics (S.Sikka / R. Polt)

Conférence | Talk

(University of Ottawa)
(Xavier University)

Heidegger, Morality and Politics

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Book discussion

Sonia Sikka: What has continued to engage me about “the Heidegger controversy” and led to my writing Heidegger, Morality and Politics is a set of polarities within the argumentative discourse on this topic. As conceived by one side of the divide, values such as reason, universalism, cosmopolitanism and objectivity are pitted against the alleged moral and political hazards of irrationalism, relativism, and identitarian parochialism, with Heidegger’s Nazism being a prime example of the latter dangerous set. I argue, by contrast, that there is something worthwhile in precisely those elements in Heidegger’s philosophy that evoke such accusations among his detractors and that these elements do not inevitably lead to fascism or some other calamitous form of politics. My discussion focuses on three themes: relativity, reason and cultural identity.

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

University of Ottawa
Hamelin Hall
Room 509

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